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Invest in Privacy by Design to comply with GDPR, warns EC official

Invest in Privacy by Design to comply with GDPR, warns EC official

Collibra welcomes Dennis Slattery as our guest blogger on the topic of GDPR Paul Nemitz, Director for fundamental rights at the European Commission’s Justice Directorate said “companies should pay close attention to the GDPR’s brief but important mentions of privacy by design and security as mitigating factors when calculating potential fines for violations.” With fines of up…

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CDO’s Data Trust Value Chain Part 1

CDO’s Data Trust Value Chain: Part 1

A positive feedback loop for building a data culture As my fifth anniversary as a Collibrian approaches, what I believe best characterizes our activities as an organization is the fact that we have been at the forefront of the data revolution. A revolution that promises to make data available for informed decision making and protect…

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Governed Business Glossary

Same Data, Different Meaning: Why You Need a Governed Business Glossary

We, as humans, but also as employees of organizations, speak different languages and come from different cultures. But even when we speak the seemingly same language, we can have different dialects and use different words for the same things. My wife and I are both from Austria but we are from different regions. Even though…

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Data Governance for Federated Architecture Overcoming the Challenges

Data Governance for Federated Architecture: Overcoming the Challenges

Federated architecture is a common enterprise architectural pattern. There are many justifications for utilizing federated enterprise architecture. For example, federated architecture could have resulted from merger and acquisition activities where the acquired divisions decided to stay on existing platforms. Or, it may be used for regulatory compliance in situations where each department must maintain its own systems. The reasons may vary, but the impact on a data governance implementation is the same: mainly increased complexity in integrating the data governance system with the rest of the enterprise platform.

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