Introducing the Collibra Trust Center

Modern enterprises across the world are embarking on a journey to achieve Data Intelligence and empower their data citizens to make better and faster business decisions. For more than a decade we at Collibra have been fortunate enough to partner with more than 450 of these leading enterprises on their journeys. As our relationship with our customers has matured, we have gotten a number of inquiries related to our approach to security, compliance, and other topics that deal with whether or not companies can trust their vendors. Today, I am excited to share that we are launching the Collibra Trust Center to answer those questions.

We created the Collibra Trust Center for our customers and partners to show how we deliver the service levels and quality that our customers demand. Our customers use Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for some of their most critical business initiatives, and they depend on our safe and trustworthy platform. Our approach to the Collibra Trust Center revolves around four key tenets:


At Collibra, we know that our customers hold themselves to the leading compliance standards, and we hold ourselves to those as well. We have third parties evaluate our policies, procedures and controls against industry standards such as ISO, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and SOC I. We know how important it is to have our approach validated by the certifying organizations you trust and depend on, so we continuously engage with those compliance boards and follow the industry standards for policies and procedures.


We think of security in everything we do, including how we build and deploy our product. Our security approach covers operational practices, product infrastructure and deployment strategy to ensure that all aspects of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud are secure and follow industry best practices.


Similar to how we help our customers comply with global privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR, we are committed to adhering to these same guidelines internally. We protect user data and publish our privacy policies in our policy center.


We know that system status and uptime are critical factors for our customers. We build our products with performance, scalability and availability in mind, and publish a dashboard so that customers can see the status of their environment.

Our customers trust Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud to accelerate trusted business outcomes because of the approach we have taken on these topics.

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