Fulfilling the demand for data governance skills

Collibra University

Collibra offers a game-changing set of tools and technologies for business-driven data governance. Its leadership has been recognized by top analysts such as Forrester and Gartner. The top 5 banks in the world have chosen Collibra as have leading companies across many industries including insurers, Healthcare providers, Retailers, asset managers, telecoms companies, pharmaceutical and media and publishing  companies. The dramatic scale and growth of Collibra users poses a new challenge to deliver experts with right skills sets. This challenge affects Collibra, its partners and its customers. 

Emerging Job Market

A simple web search on keywords ‘jobs’ and ‘collibra’ confirms that there are many opportunities. Dozens of positions at current and future customer sites request Collibra skill sets to deliver data governance in their complex organization. Most are full time positions, which range from development skills to full-fledged solution architecture. This includes technical and organization skills as well as deep knowledge about the field and appreciation of the day-to-day activity of stewards. 

How can we empower professionals with an objective standard that meets this demand ?

Collibra University is an online learning platform where you can pick and choose courses on any level you want. Courses are highly granular going from the very basics such as adding a comment to advanced topics such as workflow engineering. For your stewards, you can select courses that focus on various use cases such as business glossary, big data ingestion, issue management, reference data management. For your developers, we offer courses on Collibra Connect and workflow engineering. For your DG leads, we offer courses on designing your DG operating model.

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The current course offering on Collibra University come from Collibra itself. To cover the broader universe of skills we will invite thought leaders to offer courses as well. Our goal is for Collibra University to be the single place for Data Governance knowledge and the best place to enhance your Data Governance IQ. Collibra Compass


Our Collibra Certified Ranger program is an answer to the challenge to fill the competency gap. It’s a life-time credential given to a trusted person who proved its experience, knowledge and performance of Collibra Data Governance software. It is globally valid. You will receive also a digital certificate key to add to your linked-in profile. Collibra Rangers are proven performers who can contribute to data governance efforts in any organization. 

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Collibra University also includes a community of practice, called Collibra Compass. This is the leading community for data governance professionals. Here you can learn and help others, and interact with the Collibra team and your peers across the globe. 

If you are interested in expanding your opportunities, learning to be more effective in your data governance role, or looking for specific information to help you with your current projects, take a look at Collibra University