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5 Data Governance Blog Posts You Should Read (But Haven’t)

data governance blog posts

Last week, we shared our top 10 most-read blog posts of 2016. These posts covered topics ranging from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to data lineage to healthcare data governance and more. And as great as those posts are, we realized there are many other hot topics that didn’t quite make the list. To make it easy on you, we’ve pulled together five more data governance blog posts for you to read as you recover from the holiday rush. So, curl up by the fire, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and start reading!

  1. Wrapping Up a Successful Collibra Data Citizens Conference – our first annual Data Citizens Conference was a huge success, and you can read all about the event in this post. (And in case you were wondering, we just opened registration for our 2017 event!).
  2. Getting Started with Data Governance in 4 Simple Steps – one of the most common question we hear from organizations of all sizes and types is simply “how do I get started with data governance?” One of our experts keeps it simple, giving you 4 simple steps to follow.
  3. Data Governance Business Case: A Journey Begins with the First Step – you know data governance is a no-brainer, but how do you convince the skeptics? With a business case, of course. This post offers tips to get you started (and a free guide to boot!)
  4. The Secret to Making Your Analytics Project a Success – we hear it all the time. Self-service analytics and BI promised to make our reporting dreams come true. But unfortunately, they did not. Our expert shares the secret to (finally) making your analytics dreams come true.
  5. Addressing CCAR MRAs: 6 Data Governance Capabilities You Need (but probably don’t have) – for financial services institutions, complying with regulations such as CCAR and BCBS 239 are top of mind. Read this post to find out what your data governance platform needs to help you sustain compliance now – and in the future.