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12 Must-Read GDPR Resources

GDPR ResourcesToday’s the day. In exactly one year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. So now, the countdown is REALLY on. If you do business with EU citizens – if you deal with their data in any way – then you need a plan for how you’re going to comply. And this isn’t one of those “wait and see what happens” kind of regulations. The ICO made it very clear that there will be no grace period. Translation: every organization that falls under the GDPR must be compliant one year from today. It’s a bit scary, right?

Well have no fear, because we’ve rounded up several GDPR resources to help you get up-to-speed about what you need to know – and do – to be compliant with the GDPR one year from today.     

5 Things to Know – and Do – to Get Ready for GDPR

First up, read this whitepaper. It outlines five vital steps you need to take to secure compliance by May 25, 2018. It covers everything from avoiding awareness and readiness gaps to the tools and systems required to help you comply.  

The Collibra BlogHow Data Governance Drives GDPR Compliance

You’re already here, reading this post. So dig a bit deeper with nine blog posts that explore the GDPR from many angles. Our subject matter experts cover topics including the role of data governance and accountability, 12 steps to compliance, adopting a risk-based approach, and privacy by design. We also answer the eight most common GDPR questions and share the secret to getting ahead of GDPR. And don’t miss our most popular GDPR blog post: How Data Governance Drives GDPR Compliance. It’s a must read in the data protection world.

Data Governance: The Missing Piece in the GDPR Puzzle
Ready to go a bit deeper? Then it’s time to read this e-book. Think of it as your guide to understanding:

  • What questions you need to answer
  • Why you need data governance as a critical part of your compliance strategy
  • How to get started – now

You should also check out this e-book by EDMWorks – another good one to help you understand how data governance helps you meet compliance requirements and avoid penalties (which can be up to 2-4% of global revenue – yikes!).

GDPR Webinar Series

Not really a reader? Then we have a few bonus resources for you. Watch our GDPR webinar recordings where we explore topics such as critical GDPR use cases, how to establish a best practice approach to data governance, and how to build a data protection framework. You’ll also learn what data governance can – and can’t – do to help you comply. This webinar series features conversations with Collibra experts as well as the GDPR expert and CEO of EDMWorks, Dennis Slattery. You can also register for our upcoming live webinar entitled “Data Governance for GDPR & Beyond.”

Remember, time is actually running out. One year – 100% compliance. Are you ready?

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